The truth is that I really don’t like ‘talking’ about myself so here are a couple of tidbits that you should know about the man behind the camera.

I’m a daddy and I know it.

They are the reason I live and breathe.

My favorite app on my phone (and apparently on my birthday cake) is Instagram.

Yankees/Stankees, Love ’em or hate ’em, I live and die PINSTRIPES!

I’m a published co-author in scientific journal publications ranging in topics from neurobiology, T-cell biology to oncology.  Not so surprisingly, my recent scientific interests have revolved around photographing cells under a microscope (they are a different kind of client I guess).  I know – I am a certifiable science geek – with a camera.  🙂

I secretly want to be part of THE Hicks Club.  No really, I do.